Finally iPhone X

The iPhone X is finally out and was a huge gamble from Apple, Losing the home button and altering the design by having crystal material was a dangerous move, talking about the new techs, you will get the emoji’s that you can control by the use of facial recognition which it will also be used to unlock your phone, unfortunately the price of the new iPhone X is around £1.200 to £1.399 pounds which is really expensive for only a mobile Phone, and for what you really get.

Personally wouldn’t  recommend this phone for people that would like to test the new technology  as there is nothing that you cannot get from other brands.



New Beats=wireless!

it’s most often followed by the word “freedom.” Wireless = freedom. That’s what we are promised by headphone makers, wireless charging evangelists, and even gaming mice specialists. The shedding of wires has always been a literal and symbolic liberation of the user from a layer of technological friction. Almost always.